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The Knights of Columbus, Andy Valley Council 8742 is presenting the Vatican Exhibition on the Eucharistic Miracles of the World.  This exhibit has traveled the State of Maine at 36 different locations since 2009.  It is going to be shown at Sacred Heart Church Hall, 24 Sacred Heart Place, Auburn (corner of Western & Minot Aves). More...


Family of the Month Winners in the Supreme Monthly Drawing

Supreme reported that a family in the State of Maine was a winner in the monthly drawing for a small statuesque in the month of November 2014. They are as follows:

Claude and Denise Mailhot, council 12652 Lewiston

For December 2014:

Sean and Joan Bernard, council 1753 Fort Fairfield

All councils are encouraged to submit a Family of the Month. The form, with a copy to State Deputy and Family Life Activities Director, must be received at Supreme prior to the 15th of the month to be eligible for the drawing.

The family of District Deputy John Ordway and his spouse Christine was selected for Family of the Weekend this past weekend at the District Deputies Training Meeting in Orono Me.  This family was selected because of their dedication to the Knights of Columbus, their church, and their community but especially because they participate in many activities as a Family!


DD Al Viens and SS Norm Gray present Joe McGovern with former DD jewel.

2014 District Deputy Summer Meeting

To purchase a photo, please contact Paul Leblond at pleblond@me.com.

Thanks to the work of the Maine State Council's Worthy Publicity Director, Matt Pettine, we now have the ability to build a distribution email for calendar notifications and important information from the State Council.  In order to receive these updates, click on the link below and enter your contact information.

Mike Foster
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2014 Free Throw Championship


KC State Soccer Champions 2013

10 year old
Girl - Kourtney West - 2851 - Limestone 230/500
Boy - Kobe West - 2851 - Limestone 195/500

11year old

Girl - Zoe Hosford - 5756 - Bucksport 205/500
Boy - Patrick Tyne - 5756 - Bucksport 100/500

12 year old
Girl - Dixie Grady - 1753 - Fort Fairfield 195/500
Boy - Dawson Watson - 1753 - Fort Fairfield 225/500

13 year old
Girl - Ally Noddia - 1936 - East Millinocket 115/500
Boy - Noah Scanlon - 5756 - Bucksport 115/500

The ladies, Susan Conroy, and Fr Ron Labarre from the 2013 Ladies Retreat.

Shown are the participants from Limestone and Fort Fairfield in the Knights of Columbus District 2 Soccer Challenge held Saturday October 26th at the High School Complex.  In the front row are the winners.  Second row is Mark Bourgoin, State Advocate and two other participants.  Council #1753-Fort Fairfield held the local Soccer Challenge Wednesdaythe 23rd in Fort Fairfield.

The only active group of Squires in Maine, Major Sayward N. Hall Circle #1902 in Rockland.  The chief counselor is Christopher Straka and the other counselor is Linwood Shields.  Kneeling from left to right; District Deputy Joe Peasley, State Warden John Deetjen and State Youth Director Michael Giroux.  Click here for more images...

The Power of One!

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